Volunteers are essential for every aspect of the day to day running of the project. A positive attitude, willingness to help and learn, and a sense of humour are essential. Volunteers should expect to be dirty and exhausted at the end of the day.

There is no typical day at the centre - today it could be building swings and toys for primates and tomorrow it could be planting indigenous trees into enclosures. What we will ensure is that you will get involved and have fun while learning new skills, meeting new people and experiencing a new way of life all while making a big difference.

Our working hours are normally 7am - 5pm although you should expect to be on call at all times for any animal emergencies. On arrival volunteers must sign an indemnity form indicating that you understand and accept that you are working with wild animals and that all activities are undertaken at your own risk.

Activities for volunteers will vary greatly and change throughout the year but could include:

Working in the rehabilitation centre - daily feeding routines, refilling water bowls, cleaning enclosures, picking indigenous seeds and leaves for the primates, monitoring animals and checking for injuries.

Working with animal rescues - preparing bottles and bottle feeding orphaned baby wildlife, administering medicines, cleaning cages, babysitting orphaned wildlife, integrating animals into new troops.

Construction projects - helping to maintain and build new enclosures, fixing fences, painting, fixing, maintenance, laying pipes, general building etc.

Some of the work is definitely not glamorous and some jobs may seem monotonous but all the work is essential for the care and well being of the animals.

Volunteers will be allocated a day off each week to relax, visit the local resort, possibly join a trip to town or visit the local waterfalls. Other trips that may be on offer depending on the number of volunteers at the sanctuary include trips to Kruger park or Swaziland.

Volunteer Guide

You can find in this guide all the informations you need to come and join us as a volunteer !


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