Our Releases

Since we began operating in 2011 we have had hundreds of animals come through our doors and have conducted many sucessful releases.

Unlike many wildlife centres we never keep animals unnecessarily, as soon as they are ready for release we find a suitable site and return them to the wild. This is why we can never guarantee which animals will be here throughout the year.


To date we have released : 

5 troops of Vervet Monkeys, Servals, Jackals, Birds, Warthogs, Nyala, Duikers, Steenbuck, Civets, Genets, 3 troops of Mongoose, Bushpigs.

Have a look at some of our successful releases below :

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E-mail : info@diywild.com
Whatsapp : (0027)76 032 0208

Centre for Animal Rehabilitation Registered South African Not-for-Profit Organisation

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